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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Custom Engagement Rings Boston

For those who have never had a custom piece of jewelry, the thought of creating a custom engagement ring might be daunting. But making a unique piece of engagement ring is easier than you think. Choosing custom might take longer, but most would say the custom creation procedure is more accessible, enjoyable, and worth it. 

Are you interested in custom engagement rings boston? Creating a custom-made engagement ring is quite simple and can also be more effortless and more seamless when you understand the process of preparing the design. Here are six tips you need to know about these rings.

Choose the Jeweller Carefully

Choosing the jeweler carefully is essential to the custom engagement ring design process. You should not just go to any jeweler when opting for a custom engagement ring. The initial thing to do if you want a well-made custom ring that will last longer is to choose a jeweler specializing in generating custom engagement rings. Creating these rings requires high experience, knowledge, and skills to stand up to a lifetime of daily wear.

Therefore ensure you choose Alex jewelry stone in Boston because we are always up to the task. We listen to and understand you to make the customization process smoother and more enjoyable. Also, when you schedule a consultation session with us, we provide you with confidence and share your vision to help you make a move.

Alex & Co jewelers have years of experience creating custom engagement rings, and we would love to help you make the one-of-a-kind pieces you desire.

Think of Your Partner’s Taste

Your partner is the one that will wear the customized engagement ring. Therefore, you should always consider their taste and style. This will include both their aesthetic preferences and practical preferences. Ensure you think of their style and their lifestyle concerns. Suppose your partner works with their hands. They might not need a ring with an elevated setting. Or if they do gardening often, they might opt for a call that is easy to clean.

Customizing an Engagement Ring Takes Time

Making a customized engagement ring takes longer than ordering a ready-made one. Designing a custom piece of jewelry requires you to gather inspiration, create your design, and have the ring crafted, which takes time. The process, on average, takes about three to six weeks to complete. Therefore, allow this extra time in your schedule if you opt for custom engagement rings in Boston.

Understand Different Engagement Ring Styles

Learning about the standard engagement ring styles to design your dream ring would be best. You do not need an expert to understand different engagement ring setting styles. However, it is helpful to research the basics to help you have a firm foundation of knowledge. Knowing all your options will help you make a more educated decision. Here are some of the most engagement ring styles:

· Solitaire; these stones feature only one stone, the center stone. They can also feature embellishments, like engravings but never feature any side stones.

· Diamond Band; any engagement ring with diamonds on its band could be considered a diamond band engagement ring. This term, however, is most commonly used to describe the ring that would be called a solitaire if it did not have pave diamonds on the band.

· Three stones; Alex diamond jewelry engagement rings have three center stones rather than one. The stones represent the couple’s past, present, and future together.

Draw Your Inspiration Anywhere

Bringing inspiration is a standard part of the custom design process, but you should let your motivation be classic. It is common to get inspirational images at the start of the process. You can draw your inspiration from anywhere. For instance, you might feel inspired by other types of jewelry, beautiful architecture, the colors in a picture you took while on vacation, a description of something in your favorite book, and so on.

Set Your Budget

Before opting for a jeweler, set a budget for your custom engagement ring. This will help you stay calm after you start designing your ring accidentally. It will also help your jeweler adjust your designs to help maximize your budget and prioritize what you care more about.


Designing your ring around a custom engagement ring is a dream come true. Alex & Co offers high-end design, continued support, and start-of-art technology to help turn your vision into reality. Whether you think of shopping for the ring together or popping the question, these tips will help answer the question of designing custom engagement rings boston and bring you a step closer to something sparkly. 



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