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Antibody Testing: What You Need to Know Before Getting Tested

The large number of recovered active covid cases has brought immense relief to healthcare providers. However, many individuals still cope with mild infections and symptoms that worry them. With the resume of regular activities, there has been a lot of discussion about antibody testing California. It is an important screening that looks for antibodies in the covid patients. Many individuals in CA have suffered from covid-19 infection without showing symptoms. If you are one among those, you can consider an antibody screening. It enables you to know whether you have had covid infection in the past. However, the working of this test is distinct from other coronavirus tests. So, you should know some essential things about this test before you get it.

What Does Antibody Testing Do?

Unlike diagnostic tests, which conquer lab study to investigate genetic material, antibody test checks for antibodies. It is also referred to as serology testing that is not intended to trace active covid infection. But this covid test in Wilmington CA looks for traces of antibodies in the blood. Also, it is conducted with the blood samples taken from the veins. The sample is then processed in the laboratory to check if you have developed antibodies. So, be prepared for the blood sampling before visiting the urgent care clinic.

How Long Does It Takes To Develop Antibodies?

Knowing that you cannot get the serology test right after having covid infection is vital. Getting the test done immediately after coronavirus contamination would not be worth it. The antibodies take 7-14 days to develop in the system. Thus, you should only take this test after completing this period after getting covid symptoms. The test can detect the IgG antibodies which develop to combat the virus. However, the test can also trace IgM antibodies in the blood in rare instances.

Antibody Tests Could Be Positive or Negative

More research is needed to acclaim how antibody testing California can depict the results. But it mostly depends on the traces of antibodies found in the blood. So, if you have had antibodies in response to covid infection, the result would be positive. But, if there are no traces of antibodies, the result will be negative. However, the test might show a false negative result if you get it immediately after covid infection or symptoms. It might not find antibodies in your body which has not developed yet in response to the virus. So, it is crucial to get the test performed once you have waited for at least 14 days.

What Do Positive Antibody Test Results Mean?

There is a big difference between having immunity against viruses or may have immunity. It seems a slight difference but has a significant distinction in the actual meaning. So, having a positive result for an antibody test does not mean you have immunity against the virus. It does not state that your body will develop antibodies to fight the virus again. It would help if you protected yourself from coronavirus contamination. There is no guarantee that you will be safe from the virus. However, the test only can check if your immune system has formed antibodies in the past. But it cannot pledge and won’t tell how long the antibodies will remain in your body. So, getting tested positive for antibody tests will require proper precautions.

Donate Blood Plasma

You can also discover the advantage of antibody testing California to donate blood plasma. Research has shown that blood plasma can be vital in recovering people suffering from covid. It helps them develop antibodies in the blood. So, if you have recovered from the virus and have antibodies, you can donate plasma. Also, serology testing can be used to ensure whether the covid vaccine has worked for you or not. Many professionals can also check whether the vaccination against covid is effective.

Helpful For Preventing Covid Spread in Communities

Being a responsible citizen, you want to protect your community from spreading the virus. Therefore, you must protect people around you from unintended virus contamination. So, it would help if you planned for covid test in Wilmington CA to prevent the spread. It will let you know if you are at high risk of Sars-COV-2 infection. Thus, if you have a positive antibody test result, you must be alert and follow social distancing guidelines. That’s why healthcare experts have recommended these tests be done for workplace employees.


It would help if you did not keep wrong assumptions until you know how antibody test results relate to immunity. It can be cleared only with antibody testing California, so you should get this test done. You can visit a nearby urgent care clinic to serve your purpose. This test is done inside the medical facility with utmost care. So, you should see the physician and know whether you are safe from the virus.



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